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Fiber Fabrication Facilieties


Fiber Drawing Tower, Microsphere Production and Hot press Aparatus

Microsphere Fabrication


Facilities for the production of micro and nanospheres of a wide variety of glasses for different photonic applications.

Hot Press


The Hot pressing system dedicated to pressing glasses and ceramics disks for sputtering target fabrication.

Glass batching


Glass batching and Melting Facility

Glass Purification


Different facilities available for glass continmant purification as well as raw matererial purification.

Glass Melting


Variety of specialised furnaces, both commercial and in-house built furnaces for standard and specific application glass melting

Glass Polishing


Polishing facilities dedicated to sulphide glasses as well as other more conventional glasses.

Wet Room


Wet Chemistry Lab

Chemical Vapour Deposition Facility


Chemical Vapor Deposition, HVPE and Rock and Roll Furnace

Chalcogenide Nanofabrication Facilities


Dedicated Room temperature RF sputtering for thin film deposition along with a variety of micro and nanofabrication facilities including ion beam and reactive ion etching and a variety of evaporation deposition systems along with dedicated chalcogenide Rapid thermal annealing systems for ultra fast thermal treatment.

Nanoprobe Laboratory

Cutting edge multiprobe multimode Atomic force microscopy (AFM) as well as scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM).

Laser laboratory


Laser and optical characterisation Laboratory


Electrical Characterisation Laboratory

Nanoelectronic and Optoelectronics Research Laboratory

Chemical preparation Lab


Chemical Preparation laboratory for glass batching, annealing, general purpose wet bench chemistry

Thermal Analysis


Thermal analysis laboratory for studying glass properties including Differential scanning calorimetry, Differential thermogravimetric and thermomechanical analysis.

Optical, electronic and ion beam microscopy


Scanning electron and ion beam Microscopy for thin film and bulk samples as well as Focused ion beam milling and a variety of confocal, interferometric and polarise microscopy.

Material composition analysis


Energy dispersive X-ray, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectrophotometry
We have access to a wide variety of spectroscopy, microscopy and fabrication equipment for the production of nanostructures, bulk and thin film glasses as well as specialised fibers. A list of key equipment used can be found here

Materials Capability

Our laboratories and facilities are equipped to serve a diverse range of fields. Our facilities allow the possibility of creating a diverse range of functional glasses and fiberes as well as fabricating novel photonic and optoelectronic thinfilms and nanostructures. A list of our routine material capability can be found here.

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