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fibreglsORC PhD program
Our PhD programme offers a solid start to any career in optics, nanophotonics, nanoelectronics as well as nanofabication and material science


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The Novel Glass Group plays a central role in a broad spectrum of ORC activities, providing the next generation of optoelectronic materials, with a particular strength in chalcogenide glasses. These unusual materials are formed from sulphur, unlike traditional glasses made from silica.  Believe it or not, these glasses find use as the active layer in rewritable DVDs, high efficiency solar cells, next generation FLASH memory, as well as more traditional optics.  Our group’s mission is to explore all aspects of new types of glass for application as optoelectronic devices. It is an active group collaborating with many other ORC research groups as well as university and industry worldwide. This strength is reflected in the hundreds of publications, large number of patents, state of the art glass making facilities and the career paths which our students follow after a post graduate degree with us.

Ion-implantation in chalcogenides provides an innovative path to developing new optoelectronic components
New, inexpensive infrared optical components are an important and growing field of research
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
Thin Film Sputtering Of Chalcogenides
Electronic Phase Change Data Storage
Optical Phase Change Of Thin Films
Crystallisation Of Chalcogenides
ionic migration and Resistive Switching
High Mobility Chalcogenide Monolayers
Chalcogenide Nanowires
Chalcogenide Fiber Fabrication
Complex Microstructured Metal In Fiber

Novel Glasses
Sealed Ampoule Glass Melting
Chalcogenide Photovoltaics
Chalcogenide Nanophotonics
Chalcogenide Microspheres
Chalcogenide Microstructures
Chalcogenide Waveguides
Chalcogenide Nanostructures
Transparent Conducting Oxides
Doping Of Chalcogenides

EPSRC grant, looking at innovative fiber manufacturing amongst other things
Non-equilibrium doping of chalcogenides for optoelectronic applications
Chalcogenide fibers for infrared sensing applications
Part of the collaborative effort between groups in the ORC and Chemistry funded by the Samsung Group

Our work is focused on the chalcogenide glasses. Chalcogenide and other glasses are available for sale and for research and commercial purposes through the ORC spin out company ChG Southampton Ltd.

Although a hot topic today, nanoparticles have been used for a very long time
The objective of this industrially focussed project is to develop new active and passive optical components; for example acousto-optic modulators
The next generation of optoelectronic devices based on advanced material
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